Made by internet_nico for #lowrezjam-2016

You are a duck and you don't like rain. Try to avoid all the raindrops using your umbrella. Be careful, the umbrella is heavy, so you only have a limited time to use it!

  • Spacebar/Enter: start game
  • Arrow keys: move and select
  • Spacebar: Use umbrella
  • Backspace: Pause game

Made with PhaserJS, PyxelEdit, TexturePacker, asfxr/jsfxr

This is really just a demo, there is no real objective. You move the duck about 2000 pixels down the level while it rains and that's it. You can shield yourself from the rain but it doesn't really do anything. The title screen is the most interesting part, imo.

A lot of development time was spent re-learning the phaser framework and integrating a custom state engine for transitions. It took awhile to get a decent workflow for timing animations to update at ~15fps and snapping art to a 64x64 pixel grid, even though the game can be up to 1024x1024 actual resolution on retina screens.

Please leave a comment, hope you liked it!

Source code available here

View jam submission page here

Update post submit - Added barebones music (pink noise generator and some low-rez thunder samples)